Frozen Cassava chips

No more peeling or any waist...

Behold my friends as I bring you good news from the land of Yorkshire… For I have found in the shop of Asda ( Owlcotes branch) this most exotic and delicious ingredient for you to try… ready peeled and chopped ready to used direct from frozen.

Seriously, I’m always banging about Cassava to everyone – to say I love this root it is an understatement, I’m crazy about it.

I was just passing by freezer cabinets when I spotted the Cassava packs – I almost could not believe my eyes – so unexpected… great find!

This delicious vegetable root is my opinion misunderstood by most UK natives, so  I try to shout about it as much as I can.  I think if people new more about it and how good it is,  it would be more appreciated. Cassava is a hugely versatile with a creamy texture when cooked, and widely cherished by Brazilians and many other cultures around the world.

The Cassava root...

The cassava plant is believed to have originated in Brazil and is one of the 10 most important food plants world-wide. It is the most important starchy root of the tropics.

Cassava can used to create variety of dishes, it can be added to stews, used to make bread, cakes or an exotic nibble, Cassava chips delicious with a nice cold beer.

First, boil some water with salt. When the water has reached the boiling point add the Cassava chips, pretty much as  you would do when cooking potatoes.

10-15 minutes...

Cook for about 10-15 minutes or until soft, test with a fork. Then using a colander drain all the water and let stand for a few minutes until the Cassava is well drained.

Ready, steady...

Now they are ready to be fried.  Add some vegetable oil on a frying pan  and wait until the oil is quite hot, but not too hot.

Add the Cassava to the hot oil and fry until golden and crispy.

Sorry, by the time I took this pic there were not many left...

remove from the oil and place over kitchen towel to drain any excess oil.

sprinkle a little salt and serve!


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