Pear and apple flavoured ice tea


The weather has been lovely and hot this summer…  the kids get so thirsty… the juice just disappear so quickly that sometimes it is impossible to keep up replenishing the stock as fast as they drink it…

I'm impressed... delicious natural flavours.

As I was browsing the supermarket shelves to find something that lasted a bit longer, I came across this soluble tea drink called Impress, Pear and Apple flavour.  I found it to be a really satisfying thirst quencher  – without artificial colours and preservatives.

I’ve tried a similar products before, but the flavours were sickly and overpowering and never caught on with us. I have a feeling that even the most sceptical about ice teas will love this drink…

No fuss  at all to prepare… All you need is:

1 Tall glass

Lots of ice

1 1/2  Tbsp of  Impress tea drink

200ml Cold water

Slice of lemon or a spring of mint whichever you prefer.

Place the ice into the glass, add the Impress tea powder, water and mix well. Add lemon slice or mint spring and serve.


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