Mango Smoothie

Great way to start the day...

A couple of weeks ago I was in Edinburgh to exhibit at the Coeliac UK’s AGM and I’ve met up with some good friends and made some new ones too which is fantastic. I was given a sample to try by one of my new friends… a dairy free milk drink made from coconuts… very tasty!

The consistency of the drink was pretty much like of a semi-skimmed milk, just with a slight coconut flavour.


The kids loved the drink… I’ve just managed to rescue some of it before they finished it all off to make a delicious and refreshing smoothie.

All you’ll need is:

300ml of Kara dairy free milk

1 medium banana

240g of mango (crushed or pieces) you can use fresh mangos, but tinned is convenient.

lots of ice.

Add a little sugar if you wish.

To prepare:

Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend it until combined and smooth.

Pour the mixture into tall glasses and serve.

Create your smoothies by adding other fruits…


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