The holy grail of gluten free pizzas. Bon appetito belo!

Just like a Mama used to make!

A few Italian restaurants have a real dedication to provide delicious Italian food no matter what. And their passion for great pizza has led them to tackle the problem of finding the perfect gluten-free pizza. “They tried the mixes and frozen bases already on the market, but none came up to scratch.”

Isabel’s Naturally Free From developed a thin-crust Neapolitan style pizza base that people genuinely cannot believe it is gluten-free. Salvo’s of Leeds, Atomic Pizzas in Oxford and The VesuviO in Bedfordshire are proud to be gluten-free pioneers, and now these leading Italian restaurants can offer their costumers who can’t tolerate gluten – the holy grail of a chewy, crispy crust that tastes like pizza should.

Isabel’s pizza base mix is also available for consumers to buy to prepare it at home from Ocado and  selected Asda stores.

If you can’t tolerate gluten or just trying to avoid it, Isabel’s is the natural option for you.

Try talking to your local restaurant and asking them to take up the Gluten-Free Challenge by committing to a gluten-free menu…


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