Please help us to make our products more widely available!

"The whole family really enjoyed the Dough balls. With 2 coeliacs in the family it was a delightful treat".

Please join our petition today!

Help us to get our products listed at retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrison,  Co-operative, Booths, Tesco Ireland and  Superquinn Ireland.

We already managed to get our products listed at Waitrose, Ocado and Asda, but we still need your help to make the products more widely available for everyone – buyers will listen to your requests to stock products.

The Petition takes less than 5 minutes to filling in.

You may be thinking, “I’ve filled out customer comment cards and nothing ever happens. How can a single person or a small group of people in one town get big supermarkets to change?”

Supermarkets have a great deal to answer for in the communities where they do business. They must maintain a good public profile and answer to the needs of consumers, because supermarkets depend on the loyalty and trust of their customers to keep their business going.

When your supermarket sees a strong group of committed community members demanding better or greater variety of products, they have an interest in making sure that your requests are met.

Please ask your local coeliac group, friends and family members to join our petition. the more names we manage to gather the better chances we’ll have to succeed.

Please do get involved –  good products like ours are often get overlook by supermarket’s buyers  and might never make to the shelves of the retailers you visit on a weekly basis. These products might even disappear from the shelves of already stocking retailers…

Thank you for your strong commitment to better GF foods availability at the supermarkets!

Isabel Gordon


1. Excellent standard, easy to use, gluten free, tasty & healthy food, excellent price for GF products. All supermarkets need to take a wider approach to supplying a more diverse & appetising selection of GF products. I originally buy in local Brazilian supermarket but it would be great for all to be able to buy these lovely GF products

2. Isabel’s cheesebread mix (dough balls) and pizza base mixes are a delicious and versatile product which is great for gluten-free diets. I find it really inconvenient to have to travel 35 miles to Harrogate to buy them at Waitrose – the nearest stockist.

3. Gluten Free products should be available freely and stand side by side on shelves with standard products, not as specialist products resigned to three shelves as a ‘special needs’ solely for consumers with medical/intolerance conditions. In other words – give people choice.

4.They’re a healthier option often for people without gluten intolerance too.

5. Because they are easy to use and give good results with very nice texture and flavour.

6. Apart from the obvious ‘coeliacs can’t eat gluten-containing products; they really don’t need to be just for us.

7. It’s not about making just gluten-free products available; it’s about getting out the ones that address wider markets, thanks to their quality. There are a lot of gluten free products available in supermarkets now, but I don’t buy them as they taste very sub-par, especially the bread-based products.

8. My boyfriend is also very fond of the Isabel’s Dough Balls and if they were available in more supermarkets we’d definitely buy them on regular basis.

9. Gluten free diet is not a lifestyle choice for me but a genuine health requirement. Where I can buy what I need is where I spend the family food budget I don’t have time to trail all over getting one thing here and another there.

10. I have had to eat gluten free food since i was born, and honestly the majority of it tastes rubbish! Can you imagine your life never eating pizza again?? Didn’t think so, these pizza base mixes are wonderful and taste really, really good coming from an Italian family we should know! Please stock them in your supermarkets so everyone has the chance of eating nice pizza! Thanks 🙂

11. These products are fantastic tasting and very easy to bake. They are popular both with coeliacs and non-coeliacs alike. They’re much better than any of the commercial G-F breads on sale!

12. They are so easy to make and taste delicious.

13. I think the independent producers should be supported, especially those from the UK. There is a lot of marketing from the supermarkets about local ‘fresh’ producers why not the ambient as well. By developing their GF range they are not only showing the consumers that they are providing choice not just trying to make money. Supermarkets will always stock products to bring shoppers in like cheap alcohol and chocolate why not start doing the same with healthier products.

14. We should have a variety of choice of GF products that are accessible so that u do not have to wait for internet orders to arrive and for those who do not have internet access it gives a selection.

15. Gluten free buyers need a choice too as to where to buy from

16. Isabel’s products are of a better quality and taste better than for example Sainsbury’s own GF products. I tend to shop in Waitrose which does sell Isabel’s products. It would be good to see them in a bigger range of supermarkets.

17. We need more choice and cheaper deals

18. Isabel’s Cheesebreads and pizza bases are delicious, easy to make, gluten free products that can be enjoyed by everyone not just those on a gluten free diet.

19. Both Isabel’s Dough balls and Pizza bases are top quality GF products…usability, ingredients, flavour and texture…a rare treat for all coeliacs and people with restricted diets…

20. These are the only ‘edible’ gluten free pizza bases I have come across since my daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease & the whole family can enjoy them

21. My daughter, a coeliac, absolutely loves the dough balls and the pizza base. I think people with special dietary requirements make very loyal customers, if we find a shop that stocks the products we need we will keep coming back.

22. I love the products. With my allergies products like the pizza base and dough balls mean that I can live a normal life like my peers. I spent so many years unable to eat these items and now due to Isabel’s naturally free from I can now have these foods. I’d love to see them in more places. I hope to see them in more places soon. Thanks

23. They are a delicious gluten free food that can be enjoyed by all the family not just the coeliacs which has to be good for the person in charge of food preparation

24. It is difficult enough living with a food intolerance/allergy, and sometimes is not assisted by supermarkets only stocking restricted brands.

25. I believe and hope to see one day that ALL major supermarket chains stock pretty much all brands available, sometimes you have to visit various retailers in order to buy what foods you like.

26. I’m Portuguese and my wife is Brazilian when she makes those cheese breads I find hard to stop eating. THEY ARE DELICIUOSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

27. The product doesn’t require rising, is easy to make, can be frozen and used straight to oven, so there is no waste. +++++

28. Both cheesebreads and pizza mixes are delicious. They contain pure ingredients and no E numbers.

29. As a health care worker I know how important it is to be able to access foods suitable for your dietary requirements, diabetic products are stocked so why not a wider range of GF products?

30. More choice, supporting local producers, healthier options, not every supermarket selling the same boring brands.

31. Ordinary pizzas are poisonous to Coeliacs, so eating a pizza which doesn’t poison us is very pleasurable.

32. Pizza can also be a healthy convenience food as it comprises bread, tomato, cheese and possibly meat and vegetables or other fruit such as pineapple.

33. Isabel’s pizza base mix is one of the best naturally gluten-free products available. I’ll quite often go to Waitrose just to pick it up – it’s that central to this Coeliac’s weekly menu!

34. To give us more variety and not exclude us.

35. Simply because the pizza base mix is the best gluten free pizza base available, far outstripping all the precooked bases

36. Gives coeliacs a large selection to buy from not all coeliacs want to eat supermarkets own brand! Plus most pizza bases taste like card board!

37. They taste good and demand for gluten/wheat free products is increasing rapidly.

38. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stock Brazilian flavours dough balls and pizza mix!!!!! I have been on a gluten and wheat free diet for about 4 years now and these are EASILY the most tasty product I have tasted! I first tried them at a gluten free food fair (or freak fair as my husband kindly calls them) and go back every year to stock up on as many boxes as I can carry which have to last me until the following year. Unfortunately, the fair is in February and its September now, I have run out and as I can’t get them online without paying a massive postal charge, I’m going to be without 😦

39. If I could get them from our local supermarket I would be overjoyed! It’s not just me that loves them, my hubby and toddler son love them too, DESPITE the fact that they are GF, which can’t be said about any other GF foods that I can get!

40. I hope you can stock these fab products soon! Thank you xxx

41. There are a growing number of people being diagnosed with coeliac disease and it should be easy for them to buy food that they can eat without being ill. I regularly shop at all the supermarkets because it is impossible to buy everything we need from just one. If one of them started to stock a wider range of GF food it would save me time as I would be able to buy everything I need under one roof.

42. Because there isn’t much of a ‘normal range’ out, most GF products do not taste like real food, such as Cornish slices…bleugh!!!!! we need to see more things like chicken nuggets and one person meals-shepherds pies etc!!!!

43. We are limited enough in what we can buy in the supermarkets week in, week out. So why then limit us to the brands we can but amongst the few products you offer? It is best to give us a variety of brands as well as products as it keeps our diet more interesting and will keep us coming back for more!

44. To give more coeliacs a wider range of products, which at many times is fairly limited.

45. The brands I see on the shelves are the same GF manufacturers every time. Rite Diet and GF Supplies. Dr Schar used to be available but has withdrawn their excellent products from sale in the UK. Coeliacs desperately need a wider choice of suppliers than these two. Please help give us a better choice.

46. It would be great for you to stock this item and give more availability we need as much choice as possible and being in a limited shelf space as it is this can be a struggle though with the systems in place on supermarkets, and supermarkets knowing exactly how many items are on the shelf at the one time why not make the shelf space smaller but stacked more regularly allowing more fresh items displayed and more choice giving but still in the same space? As somebody who buys GF in supermarkets and will continue to even if this is not sold this item would be one more item i would buy as at the moment I don’t know of any good GF pizza mix until now.

47. It would be great to have a wider choice of Gluten Free products available in as many places as possible. There is often very little choice available.

48. because the mixes are very tasty and easy to use for people on the sometimes restrictive gluten free diet – the easiest and best value GF pizza mix I have found having had Coeliac Disease for the past 17 years.

49. To give us more choice, like everyone else has!

50. Isabel’s products are the best GF mixes I have tried. The pizza is astounding and I really can’t tell that it is GF. There is no pizza product that comes anywhere near and it is such a shame it is not stocked by all the supermarkets. I have even used the mixes to make bread and Yorkshire puddings.

51. Speed and ease of preparation and use of products within the range brilliant do as they say on the carton/box, and the flavours and textures gorgeous, can not get enough of them :o) , but need more places asap I can buy them from!!!

52. I think everyone, small and large suppliers should have a shot! Why choose just the ‘big’ companies – smaller companies can make food just as good – People with coeliac deserve a much broader choice, after all, there is up to ten different varieties of pizza for people who can eat gluten, so why should there only be one choice on the shelves for us??? I think they deserve a break and let us decide!

53. Many of the products currently available are poor quality. The products which are good quality are hard to come by and rarely stocked even by the bigger supermarkets close to me. It’s time we had the same choice as other customers

54. These products are fantastic! I just wish that a supermarket other than Waitrose sold them!

55. These products are some of the best available. I have to travel over 40 miles to Waitrose at the moment, whereas I have a Sainsbury’s less than 10 minutes away.

56. Your pizza base mix is fantastic.

57. I love your cheesebreads, good luck!

58. Although its good that the big supermarkets are offering more of own brand Free From we DON’T want it to be at the expense of the little guys who make wonderful products as well!!!

59. On a personal level I like these products, generally though it can only benefit the producer the store and the buyer if the product is on the supermarket shelf.

60. excellent standard, easy to use, gluten free, tasty & healthy food, excellent price for GF products. All supermarkets need to take a wider approach to supplying a more diverse & appetising selection of GF products. I originally buy in local Brazilian supermarket but it would be great for all to be able to buy these lovely GF products.

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