Gluten & wheat free pasta dough – tagliatelle…


Freshly made pasta with Isabel's...

 For the pasta dough you’ll need:

250g Isabel’s pizza mix

1 medium egg

4 medium egg yolks

2 Tbsp olive oil

How to prepare

Put the flour in a mound on a clean surface or into bowl and make a well in the middle.

Add the whole egg, egg yolks and oil into the well. Using your fingers mix all the ingredients together gradually adding the water until it forms a dough. When the dough is complete, knead it for about 5 minutes with the heel of your hand so dough becomes really pliable.

If necessary dust the dough with cornflour to help prevent the dough sticking to the machine or the rolling pin. This dough does not require resting.

Divide the pasta dough, take one piece and roll through the pasta machine, starting on the widest setting. If don’t have a pasta machine use the rolling pin instead. The sheet of dough should be about 1.5 mm thick approx. Cut the dough into tagliatelle or linguine.

Lay the strands on a sheet of greaseproof paper or place over a metal coat-hanger to aerate them and prevent tangling.

To cook the pasta, bring a large pan of lightly salted water to boil with a few drops of olive oil.  Add the freshly cut pasta and cook for about 1 ½ minutes, until tender, but firm to the bite.

Pasta with delicious texture and flavour.

Tasty tagliatelle...

 Serve with your favourite pasta sauce… As  we always say, our mixes are the perfect base for adding your own creativity


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