Isabel’s gluten free Dough balls mix

Prepare in advance, freeze, bake from frozen...

 Pizza Express-style dough balls…

From time to time we receive letters and e-mails from consumers letting us know how much they like and enjoy our dough balls – and their non coeliac friends enjoy them too. And that’s fantastic! We do love receiving all your comments and appreciate immensely the fantastic support we receive – please keep sending them in.

The dough balls is not a product which was specially developed to be gluten and wheat free… They are enjoyed every day by millions of Brazilians and many others around the world who are not coeliac.

The unique flours used to create our dough balls has a special place in the hearts of  South Americans and has been used to make many other products since the 17th century. When Europeans arrived in Brazil the natives were already cultivating and trading the cassava root amongst the many nations of indigenous cultures through out South America.

What are dough balls ‘Pao de Queijo’ mix? How do we eat them?

‘Pao de Queijo’ means literally Cheesebread in Portuguese – they are basically a delicious and fulfilling snack, which comes in a mix format, but is very quick and easy to prepare. The dough requires no rising time and it can be frozen and baked direct from frozen.

Enjoy them anyway you like, for breakfast, lunch, for tea, at parties and gatherings, serve with soup or simply with a nice cup of coffee as a scooby snack!

These dough balls are really  special, they have a lovely moreish cheese flavour and a crunchy and chewy texture. We took the time and effort to get our dough balls mix just right.Isabel’s Dough balls have: No Preservatives, No Additives or No Artificial Flavours, No Added Sugars and low in Salt and Fat.The mixes is quick and easy-to-prepare. The dough requires no rising time and can be prepared in advance to freeze and bake from frozen.

A delicious natural snack for adult and kids.

Naturally tasty and gluten free...

The Dough balls are available from Waitrose Free-From aisles and from Ocado. You’ll also find them available online from our website or look for our online list of stockist.


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